v3.7.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Using a!steal, you can now steal up to 70% of a user's total balance
  • Added server creation date/time to a!serverinfo
  • Added a!donator to show information about donator perks
  • Added all of the bot lists that Asphalt is on and can issue donator perks from on the a!vote command
  • Added security to crates. More information below
  • Implemented code for 500,000 user celebration
  • You can now cancel reminders using a!cancelreminder [id]
  • You can now view reminders using a!viewreminders


  • We now add checks when submitting a support request (is it a valid command? is it a discord invite link?)
  • a!spotify now caches YouTube equivalent songs to speed up the loading process
  • Fixed a couple of bugs relating to YouTube livestream playback
  • a!solve should now be faster at solving more complex equations
  • a!quote is now no longer a meme command; you can use a message ID and it will send information about that message
  • Better formatting on cooldown messages. It used to be "0 hours, 0 minutes and 5 seconds", now it is "5 seconds"

Bug Fixes

  • Asphalt will no longer attempt to mass-redeem items if you have none

We have introduced Security, which comes in all crates for various lengths; this will prevent anyone from stealing from you for a specified duration.

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