v3.7 Changelog

New Features

  • You can now use a!help with command aliases
  • You can now use a!viewdata to view information that Asphalt uses related to you
  • You can now use a!purgedata to purge all related data that Asphalt uses
  • Added a!inrole [role name] to view all users with a certain role
  • a!serverinfo now shows roles in the server


  • The time on a!remindme is now human-readable
  • Time strings such as 30 minute(s) 1 second(s) have been changed to 30 minutes 1 second
  • Made aliases on a!help look better (now comma separated)
  • Updated various dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer specify negative times on a!remindme
  • a!twitchstats now works (using Twitch API instead of Twitch4J)
  • Fixed a deadlock which would cause 10+ second delays at random intervals (usually when running a backup)
  • Fixed an issue where removal of donator perks would not work properly if you changed your username
  • Fixed an issue where a!discrims would be instantly deleted if the bot does not have the permission to delete the reactions
  • Fixed an issue where track playlist codes would not change at times

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