v3.7.2 Changelog

New Features
- Added loop as an alias of a!repeat
- You can now delete a playlist by doing a!deleteplaylist [code]
- You can now disable/enable commands in your server by doing a!disablecommand [command] and a!enablecommand [command]
- Added join logs which can be enabled by a!joinlogs on [channel] and disabled by a!joinlogs off
- Added leave logs which can be enabled by a!leavelogs on [channel] and disabled by a!leavelogs off

- We are now using JDA v4! So Asphalt will be able to support more features (such as donator perks for nitro boosting in our server here)
- Removed swap from a!specs
- Updated all dependencies
- Increased input timeout on a!changecode, a!search and more.
- Improved the performance of a!feedback and message translations
- Optimised music recommendations to be faster

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a graphical issue when mass-redeeming donator codes
- Fixed a graphical issue when mass-selling only 1 item
- Fixed a bug where you could buy and then sell items for increasing profit
- When attempting to use a command that can take in either a user ID, username or tag, Asphalt will now only look in your server for that user
- Fixed a graphical issue on an embed saying you cannot queue a song
- Fixed an issue which would cause Asphalt to not release databases back into the pool
- Fixed an issue where Asphalt would throw an error on some moderation commands if it did not have permission
- Fix an issue where audio players would not properly clean up at the end of queues

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