v3.6.4 Changelog

New Features

  • You can now sell multiple items at once by doing a!sell id one, id two, id three
  • You can now redeem all donator items and open all crates by doing a!redeem all
  • Added %COUNTER% to custom commands, which will keep track of the amount of times that command has been run. For exmaple: a!addcom something %COUNTER% people have used this command


  • Crates will no longer be dropped on commands such as a!buy and a!sell
  • When you redeem a key, it will now say the full time (1 Month instead of 1mo)
  • Common crate drop rate has been decreased to 5.5%
  • Updated some item names to make them look better

Bug Fixes

  • [Hotfix] Fixed the feedback command which would error in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue with a!lyrics output being instantly deleted
  • Moved to hasteb.in as it is more reliable for certain aspects of the bot's functionality

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