v3.6.3 Changelog

New Features

  • We now have a new helpdesk for appealing blocks, this will be shown when you are blocked in the footer
  • Donator Only - you can now use a!createplaylist and enter either a custom playlist code or a random one
  • Donator Only - you can now use a!changecode and enter your old playlist ID to modify your playlist's code


  • Moved a!feedback to use webhooks instead of directly posting to our feedback channel
  • a!userinfo now detects when you are streaming
  • Rewrote the entire websocket backend for Asphalt, so now the API should be 10x faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reasons within the audit log when banning someone (there would be no reason)
  • Fixed an error with a!steamid where it would error if no input was entered
  • Fixed an issue where music would attempt to be played in a channel that Asphalt was not in
  • Asphalt now no longer attempts to play music when you click "Disconnect"

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