v5.4 Changelogs

New Features

  • We now have a brand new mail system so the Asphalt Team can communicate important news with you (this gets triggered when you run a command)
  • /twitchstats will now show a preview of the stream if the streamer is live
  • Added Goofy Car Horn to /soundboard
  • Added the ability to whitelist roles and channels using /serversettings invitewhitelist
  • If you have opened a support request and decided that you no longer want it, there is now a button that you can click to close your request
  • We have added a brand new mini-game to play under the Economy section: /wheeloffortune!


  • We have updated all instances of the support server invite link to our new vanity URL https://discord.gg/asphalt
  • We have removed the Asphalt Announcements feature (/enable-announcements and /disable-announcements)
  • Due to lack of use, we have removed the /gif command

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo that appeared when re-rolling a giveaway if you didn't initially create the giveaway
  • Fixed an issue where feedback-blocked users could still submit feedback
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when viewing information about a playlist with a LOT of songs in it
  • Fixed an error when a song on /play couldn't be found, or couldn't be loaded

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