v5.3 Changelog

New Features

  • When a user has been muted, leaves and subsequently rejoins - they will be re-given the muted role if their mute is still valid
  • Added the ability to re-roll a giveaway up to 1 day after it has ended
  • Added transaction types to /transactions and /accountinfo
  • Added a Flashbang and Holy Flashbang to stun a user and prevent them from using the bot for a short period of time
  • Added item descriptions
  • If your support request (that's in another language) gets escalated and picked up, those messages now get translated into the language of your request
  • We have introduced 2 new looping modes to music: Song and Queue


  • Changed the way the /leaderboard command works, it is now much faster.
  • /bulkbuy has now been merged into /buy
  • We have removed the old heist items and replaced them with placeholder items, please contact support if you have one of these
  • Changed the way blackjack images work internally
  • Fully removed all normal commands
  • Removed /meme memes2 meme, which fetches a random meme
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the footer of an embed when donator status has been given by a member of Asphalt support
  • Fixed a few bugs relating to the support system
  • Fixed the /open command when opening a crate
  • Fixed an occasional timeout on /play

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