v5.5 Changelog

New Features

  • You can now choose where to pay users from on /pay
  • You can now choose where to gamble/bet from, without needing to withdraw to your cash balance
  • Added nukes as items, more information below.
  • Servers can now opt-out of crates by using /setup and clicking "Toggle Crates"
  • We have introduced padlocks for your bank accounts! More information below.


  • Updated dependencies
  • The cooldown for /steal money is now 1 minute
  • Included "of your balance" when stealing, to make the percentage clearer
  • Removed /module enable/disable, as it was an artifact from text-based commands

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would occur when trying to flashbang a user who is already flashbanged
  • Fixed a bug where an item would be removed from your inventory if it failed to use the item
  • Fixed a bug where Asphalt would prompt you for a support rating if you closed your request before it was picked up
  • Fixed a bug where the volume of the song would reset from one track to another

We have introduced three tiers of nukes in this update, which have the chance to:

  • Standard Nuke: Reset the target user's bank balances and inventory in the server you ran the command in - 25% chance of being successful
  • Atom Bomb: Same as above, but with a 50% chance of being successful
  • Tsar Bomba: Completely wipes the target user's bank balances and inventories across the entirety of Asphalt. 90% chance of being successful

We have introduced padlocks, similar to Security items that were removed quite a while ago, these are shorter duration and much more expensive to buy, but have a 100% chance of blocking incoming steal attempts from both your Bank and Cash balances.

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