v5.2 Changelog

Reminder that all normal, text-based, commands will be turned off on the 1st of December at 12AM UTC.

New Features

  • Added /forcestop to allow you to fully reset the audio player in your server
  • Added giveaways! You can run /giveaway create to get started
  • Added a new opt-in announcement feature, to allow Asphalt announcements to be sent directly into a channel of your choice - without you needing to join our support server! To enable them, simply type /serversettings enable-announcements
  • Added /policies, so you can view our privacy policy, rules and terms of service


  • As per our blog post, we have removed bankadmin
  • If you are support blocked and try to submit a support request, you will now be sent a message explaining why and how you can appeal
  • Huge code cleanup
  • Updated dependencies
  • Database latency on /ping is now measured more accurately
  • Fully removed the /screenshot command

Bug Fixes

  • [Hotfix] Fixed an issue where Asphalt would skip 2 songs when playing music from the queue
  • Fixed an error that would happen on /weather when a location could not be found
  • Fixed an error on /play when there was an error loading the track
  • Fixed an error when you try and pause an already paused song
  • Fixed an error when you try and resume an already playing song
  • Fixed an error when the Spotify album on /spotify couldn't be found

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