v2.8 Changelog

New Features

  • You can now private message Asphalt to get support from a member of our support team
  • Added a!playnow url/term, which allows you to skip the current song and play the requested song, bypassing the queue.
  • Server admins/owners can now block people from using Asphalt in their own server. To do this, simply run a!serverblock @user (duration, e.g. 1h) (reason). You can also unblock people by using a!serverunblock @user

Bug Fixes

  • We no longer spam YouTube with requests for playlists, this should mean less errors when you request large playlists.
  • The double time (30/01/2019 12:12:12 12:12:12) issue on a!opencase and a!listcase has now been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where songs that Asphalt would use to recommend music on would not reset from one queue to the next


  • The message that Asphalt sends when it joins a new guild has been updated to reflect the new private message support system
  • Cleaned up the code
  • Updated some dependencies
  • Instead of once every 3 hours, our database is now backed up automatically every hour.

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