v3 Changelog

After near enough 2 months of development, v3 is finally here! To celebrate a major release; we are giving everyone 1 day of free donator perks! They will be issued once v3 has gone live and can take up to an hour to be fully issued.

New Features

  • Asphalt now promotes our sponsored streamer in the "playing" status when they go live.
  • a!avatar now has options for gif, webp, png and jpg formats
  • Added lots of meme commands! See the bottom of this page for a list of commands


  • The values for database calls, user total and guild total on a!stats are now separated using commas
  • a!playerstats is now no longer developer only. You can now see the server you're receiving audio from and it's ping to your voice server
  • Optimised some commands (more below)
  • RocketLeague is no longer a category; all commands under that category have been moved to "Games"
  • a!help is now limited to 20 commands per page

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where a!ping would sometimes silently throw an exception when attempting to log command execution time

About the command optimisations
We have written an entirely brand new database "backlog" system, which queues up non-important database queries, e.g. bank account creation on server join, creation of transaction records etc. Note that prefix changes, invite whitelist adds/removals bypass this system and those changes will be made instantly.

Meme commands

  • abandon text
  • aborted image URL/@user
  • affect image URL/@user
  • armor/armour text
  • balloon a, b (2 items separated by a comma then a space)
  • bed image URL/@user image URL/@user
  • bongocat image URL/@user
  • boo text
  • brain 4, items of, text like, this
  • brazzers image URL/@user
  • byemum/byemom image/@user name text
  • changemymind text
  • citation a, b, c (three params separated by a comma)
  • cry text
  • dab image URL/@user
  • dank image URL/@user
  • deepfry image URL/@user
  • delete image URL/@user
  • disability image URL/@user
  • door image URL/@user
  • egg image URL/@user
  • excuseme text
  • facts text
  • failure image URL/@user
  • fakenews image URL/@user
  • fedora image URL/@user
  • floor text
  • humansgood text
  • invert image URL/@user
  • jail image URL/@user
  • knowyourlocation a, b (two params separated by a comma)
  • laid image URL/@user
  • madethis image URL/@user image URL/@user
  • magik image URL/@user
  • master a, b, c (three params separated by a comma)
  • note text
  • ohno text
  • plan a, b, c (three params separated by a comma)
  • presentation text
  • quote img/@user username text
  • radial img/@user
  • rip img/@user
  • roblox img/@user
  • salty img/@user
  • satan img/@user
  • screams img/@user img/@user
  • savehumanity text
  • sickban img/@user
  • slap img/@user img/@user
  • slapsroof text
  • spank img/@user img/@user
  • stroke text
  • surprised a, b (two params separated by a comma)
  • sword name one, two (two params separated by a comma)
  • thesearch text
  • trash img/@user
  • trigger img/@user
  • tweet img/@user username text
  • ugly img/@user
  • unpopular img/@user text
  • vr text
  • walking text
  • wanted img/@user
  • warp img/@user
  • whodidthis img/@user

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