v5.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Added /gethelp to request help through your server
  • We're now using proper semantic versioning, meaning version numbers will be higher, for example, v5.65.0
  • Added backend system to flip a switch to toggle "normal" commands (for the 1st of December, when normal commands stop working)
  • Added /soundboard
  • Added /playfile to be able to play a file that you upload


  • The average waiting time is now calculated over the past 10 requests, rather than 5
  • Added when your block will expire, if you're blocked and try running an Asphalt command
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when skipping songs
  • Fixed default volume and volume display
  • Fixed vote skips displaying a massively incorrect number
  • Fixed a prompt not displaying when requesting help when it's late in the UK
  • Fixed a bug where donation keys do not appear on the message when you have voted

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