v5 Changelog

New Features

  • We have fully implemented Slash Commands!
  • Rewrote our entire audio system!
  • When running an old command, Asphalt will now give you the Slash Command equivalent - or it will tell you if the command will be removed altogether
  • We now have a support rating system, which will send you a small survey via DMs (one button click), to rate how the person handling your support request did
  • Added pause/resume prompt messages when resuming/pausing respectively
  • Asphalt will now send you a message privately (using the fancy new ephemeral messages on Discord) when trying to run a command if you're blocked from doing so


  • The old command system will be switched off on the 1st of December 2022 at 12AM BST
  • Reaction translations in our support server will no longer mention the message sender
  • playartist now sends a "friendly" error message when the artist doesn't have any albums
  • Code cleanup
  • We're now using the fancy new timestamps that Discord provides
  • Slash commands now get mentioned on messages such as the one Asphalt sends when it is added to a server, meaning you can click on it and run it instantly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with our support system when someone removes the bot from their server with no more mutual servers
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes happen when people try and run commands when Asphalt is still starting up

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