v4.6.2 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a ping slash command (mainly to get the badge on Asphalt's profile)
  • Implemented automated testing via Discord to Asphalt, to hopefully catch all errors before they're released
  • Added an option on a!help to cancel the menu, getting rid of that massive embed.
  • Added a!viewfeedback to view a list of your submitted feedback and their statuses
  • Added a maintenance mode for Asphalt, so we don't need to totally take Asphalt down when we're performing maintenance.


  • Improvements to the translation service we run on our support system to allow people to comfortably get help in their native language
  • Support requests will automatically be closed when you no longer share a server with Asphalt
  • Code cleanup, which should hopefully reduce memory footprint slightly
  • Restricted reaction translations in our server (this feature is part of our support system) to Support and higher
  • Our feedback system has received a makeover, you can now track the status of your feedback items - and will receive a notification when your feedback gets included in an update
  • Improved the look of a!stats
  • Removed a!rlstats
  • Removed all references to Asphalt Canary (see our post here)

Bug Fixes

  • a!endpoll now checks if you actually created the poll you want to end
  • Fixed an occasional bug where button interactions would sometimes be duplicated
  • Fixed a bug when a member of support revokes a block (support, global, screenshot or feedback)
  • Fixed an issue where memory usage on a!stats would show incorrect data
  • Fixed an issue on a!serverblock where it would error if the target user didn't have DMs open/enabled with Asphalt
  • Fixed an error that would silently spam our error logs if Asphalt didn't have permission to send a now playing message to a channel

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