v4.6.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a few new support features to prevent misuse of Asphalt we posted about here
  • Our support team now get pinged when you appeal your block
  • a!claim all now uses buttons to claim points, donator or both


  • Removed all aspects of NSFW commands, see our blog post here for more information
  • Tweaked our error reporting system to include the stack trace (so we can see where exactly something went wrong)
  • The cooldown for a!bulkbuy is now 10 seconds, down from 5 minutes
  • Updated dependencies
  • Code cleanup to ensure that nightly jobs run faster

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the sponsored streamer status being stuck as enabled
  • Fixed an issue where messages on a!dice would not be deleted if the user tied with Asphalt
  • Fixed a bug with a!playlistinfo if the playlist creator could not be found
  • Fixed a bug allowing people to gift the placeholder item (item ID 1337) to people
  • Fixed a bug with a!cleareffects occasionally not working

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