v4.6 Changelog

New Features

  • Added audio effects! We currently have darthvader, chipmunk, 8d and nightcore - with more coming in the next update
  • We have entirely reworked our block appeal system, so it is now fully automated (minus voting)! This will ensure a reasonable timeframe to get a decision
  • We're now sponsoring TheDerdShow on Twitch! So Asphalt will display a message on its status when he is streaming
  • In an effort to preserve disk space, all guilds that have removed Asphalt will have a 7 day grace period to add the bot back, before all of their data is permanently removed from the database
  • We have added a new type of block; screenshot blocks, this means that we can block bad actors from screenshotting malicious/nsfw websites rather than having to disable the command for everyone
  • Added database and flipt latency to a!ping


  • Upgraded some audio nodes in the most popular regions to ensure everyone can get their music without hiccups
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple of bugs around Asphalt being disconnected from voice channels whilst still playing music

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