v4.5 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a POLL system! You can use it by running a!startpoll [question count]
  • Added a!endpoll [poll id] to end a poll early
  • Added poll-related data to a!purgedata and a!requestdata
  • Time remaining until played is now displayed when using a!queue
  • Couple of support-team related features to ease the support process
  • Added a!report to report someone misusing Asphalt


  • Updated dependencies
  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed the colour on all paginated embeds (the menus with the arrows)
  • Entire overhaul of our error reporting system to streamline things
  • Tightened security around Asphalt Local and Asphalt Development

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on a!serverblock where you could server block someone multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where a blank a!choose command would throw an error
  • Fixed an error with a!playartist

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