v2.2.1 Changelog

v2.2.1 of Asphalt has just been deployed, which brings the following new features:

  • Fixed an issue where auto role would fetch the wrong ID
  • Fixed an issue where a!serverinfo would output an error if your server had no emotes
  • Fixed an issue where you could run a!stop without anything playing
  • Fixed an issue where a!weather would display incorrect information on both humidity and cloud cover
  • Added custom command support! To create a custom command, simply type a!addcom followed by the name (without prefix) and then the output. Valid placeholders are: %MENTION%, which mentions the executing user and %USERS%, which displays the user count of the server
  • All custom commands will be checked on boot for conflicts with new/old Asphalt commands and you will be informed if one were to occur.

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