v2.2 Changelog

v2.2 of Asphalt has just been deployed, which brings the following new features:

  • a!screenshot should now be fixed
  • New a!bassboost preset: RIP (may cause hearing loss after prolonged listening periods)
  • Added virus scanning, to enable this in your server, simply type a!enable virusscan and any attachment that is sent will be scanned for viruses
  • Added the ability to gamble all of your money on commands by simply replacing the amount with all
  • You can now disable previously opted-in services, do to this simply type a!disable followed by the service name that you wish to disable
  • Added auto role support. In order to enable this, simply type: a!enable aurorole followed by the exact name of the role
  • Added a a!specs command, which allows you to view the specifications of the server that Asphalt is currently running on
  • a!stats now dynamically fetches the RAM total (was previously hardcoded at 24GB)
  • Added the ability to play music from Beam, Twitch, Vimeo, SoundCloud, BandCamp and custom HTTP sources, simply type a!play followed by either a URL or search term

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