v2.3 Changelog

v2.3 of Asphalt has just been deployed, which brings the following new features:

New Features

  • Added a command to solve equations, e.g. sin(1244) + sqrt(144), this can be used by typing a!solve followed by the equation
  • Added a new beg command, which you can use by typing a!beg. Note: this can only be used once every 12 hours.
  • Added an invite message that is sent to your server's default channel when Asphalt is added, if one can't be found, the guild owner will be messaged with the invite message
  • Updated various dependencies, to ensure best performance
  • When you use a!viewtier followed by a user, it will now say the user's name rather than "Your"
  • You can now use a!promote followed by the ID of the song (found by using a!queue) to promote a song to the top of the queue
  • You can now use a!demote followed by the ID of the song (found by using a!queue) to demote a song to the bottom of the queue

Bug Fixes

  • Asphalt will now no longer join your voice channel when you load a playlist before the playlist has been validated
  • Fixed CPU count on a!specs
  • Corrected grammar on a!loadplaylist when loading a playlist with only 1 song

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