v3.9.8 Changelog

Happy New Year 2021!

New Features

  • %GET:[url]% is now able to be used in custom commands to fetch contents from a URL
  • Added a!speedtest
  • Revamped a!afk to modify nicknames (where possible) to show that you are AFK
  • You can now use a!databasebacklog to view your items in the queue to be executed
  • The person who requested a song can now force skip it


  • a!stats now shows stats across ALL shards, rather than just one.
  • Updated dependencies
  • Updated a!bankinfo to move in line with the stats-style embed
  • The weather command is now using a different API, which should be much faster
  • Song names in the audio messages are now properly sanitised

Bug Fixes

  • Asphalt will no longer require the kick members permission to serverblock someone
  • a!ban will no longer show references to a discarded case system on a!help
  • Fixed the guild join message showing incorrect information
  • Fixed an issue where a!pay would throw an error with incorrect input
  • Fixed an issue with a!shuffle not working
  • Fixed an issue with the last updated time on a!accountinfo not updating
  • Fixed an issue with a!bankinfo not counting totals properly
  • Fixed Hastebin's API not working in Asphalt
  • Fixed the currency convert command
  • Fixed Twitch's API not working in Asphalt
  • a!play with no arguments will no longer queue a random song

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