v3.9.7 Changelog

New Features

  • Support can now run a command to put your guild onto the least congested server if you are having problems
  • a!addcommand is now interactive if no arguments are specified
  • a!kick and a!softban will now check whether the bot can interact with people before attempting to perform an action
  • a!screenshot has been re-added, with an all-new system


  • Updated the thresholds at which the colour of the embed on a!ping changes to yellow/warning
  • The likes and dislikes on a!meme are now properly formatted
  • Updated dependencies
  • Various backend/API improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a!viewtier when used with another user would show your tier but their name
  • Fixed an issue preventing songs from being added to custom playlists using a!addsong
  • Fixed an issue preventing playlist information from being viewed when using a!pinfo

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