v3.9.9 Changelog

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New Features

  • Added a link to an appeal form when you are blocked
  • Added a!unmute
  • Added a!bitcoinvalue
  • Added a!slots as another way to gamble your points
  • Added a!tempban
  • Added a!warn
  • Re-added a!screenshot to screenshot a website
  • You can now change the text of your reminder by doing a!editreminder


  • a!bulkdelete now detects plurals when deleting messages (e.g. 1 message was deleted vs 1 message(s) were deleted)
  • Removed a!rlstats
  • When mass-redeeming keys, you will be shown how long the key is in the private message you receive
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Fortnite stats are now working again, the command is a!fnstats
  • Fixed calls per second on our API being shown incorrectly (not the value in a!stats)
  • Fixed a!playerstats showing the incorrect region name
  • Fixed a grammatical error when redeeming items
  • a!mute now has better error handling
  • Fixed an issue causing a!bankstats to hang

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