v3.9.2 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a!reminderinfo which allows you to view information about individual reminders
  • a!reminders is now an alias of a!viewreminders
  • All feedback submitted via a!feedback now goes into a review queue
  • A commit hash is now displayed on a!stats
  • When using a!help with a specific command, it will now show user and bot required permissions


  • The appeal URL when you have been blocked has now been updated to a Google Doc
  • a!viewreminders now shows the date and time your reminders will be triggered
  • Updated dependencies
  • Added more validation on a!discrims
  • Removed crate opt out system
  • Major refactor of some internal components
  • General optimisations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a!twitchstats
  • Fixed a!screenshot
  • The embed on a!viewreminders now only listens for your reactions
  • Fixed an exception that would sometimes happen when using the a!vol command
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed an exception that would happen when doing a!accountinfo after losing a heist
  • Properly categorised a!magik and a!eval

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