v3.9.3 Changelog

New Features

  • We have now implemented Twitch notifications! To get started, simply type a!twitchfeed enable username
  • When feedback has been accepted/rejected, the feedback is now shown
  • Support can now use canned responses in support requests, to further speed up the support process
  • Reasons for support ticket closure can now be added


  • Removed the crate disable prompt from item prompts, as the command has been removed
  • Reworked the entire notifications system to be more reliable and quicker
  • a!autorole now checks whether the bot can assign that role to people when enabling it to prevent exceptions
  • Updated dependencies
  • We're now using text channel names rather than mentions on a!viewreminders
  • There is now a 1 minute cooldown between submitting support requests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Spotify not loading individual tracks (e.g. spotify:track:69uAVuw8p5rFRRUus7V6YN)
  • Fixed an issue with some guilds slipping out of our cache and being loaded every time a command is executed, leading to a ~3 second parse time
  • Fixed an issue where an exception would be thrown when viewing playlist info for a playlist that does not exist
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes opening a crate would get stuck on "Opening your crate", despite the crate actually being opened
  • Fixed a JSON serialisation error for support when trying to view errors
  • Fixed an internal, support system related issue to further improve reliability
  • Fixed an issue with our game spinner (the system that cycles the "playing" status of the bot) not showing the user count properly
  • Fixed an issue with some guilds becoming unloaded and not having commands executed until restart of the bot
  • Fixed duplicate JSON properties being echoed when requesting a commands list via the API

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