v3.9.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Added user acknowledgements on a!userinfo
  • We have re-introduced the a!screenshot command! Note that this is still in BETA and is being worked and improved on constantly
  • Added a!reminderinfo which lets you view individual information about a reminder


  • Changed the block appeal URL to a Google Doc (helpdesk went down)
  • a!viewreminders now shows the date and time on which your reminder will be sent
  • Updated dependencies
  • Added a!convert as an alias for a!currencyconvert

Bug Fixes

  • a!viewreminders now only listens for your reactions
  • [HOTFIX] Fixed an issue that would cause a!accountinfo to throw an exception if you previously lost a heist
  • Fixed annotations for a!magik
  • Fixed an issue on a!discrims which would let you find discrims with invalid input

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