v3.9 Changelog

New Features

  • The peak thread count is now shown on a!stats
  • a!autoplay has been improved and does not reset after the end of queue
  • Added a!details which lets you see details about a YouTube video
  • Added a 3 second buffer to audio to mitigate any network hiccups
  • a!removeabsent now shows the time saved by removing the songs
  • All meme commands have been fixed
  • Added a!america and a!airpods meme commands
  • Start-up time has been decreased 10-fold
  • When redeeming a multiplier, the duration of said multiplier will now be shown
  • You can now have custom parameters in custom commands! For example, a!addcom examplecommand %ARG:0% is good at %ARG:1% would be used by a!examplecommand Connorwrightkappa nothing. See here
  • Added the ability to opt-out of crates if that's not your sort of thing, simply do a!crates disable
  • a!bankadmin is now once again available for server administrators to use
  • Re-added stream duration on a!twitchstats
  • We have a new feature toggle system, meaning if an issue occurs with a service, we do not have to restart the bot.


  • Performed a major overhaul of our audio system, so it now loads songs faster
  • People with the Manage Server, or the song requester can now only stop songs to prevent trolls
  • The time in which Asphalt stays in the voice channel on its own before leaving has been increased to 15 seconds
  • The maximum word count per page on a!lyrics has been increased to 1,250 from 1,000
  • Improved the look of a!stats
  • Updated dependencies
  • Properly formatted all numbers on the "Now playing" status of Asphalt
  • Asphalt now checks user permissions before executing the command
  • a!twitterfeed now requires the Manage Server permission
  • Changed vote url on song embeds
  • The negative account balance failure on a!steal has been made more user-friendly
  • In order to reset the economy back to normal, all balances over 1,000,000 will be decreased to 1,000,000
  • Nerfed multipliers so that they don't break the economy in the server each time they are used
  • The duration on a!remindme is now human-readable (5m -> 5 minutes)
  • Removed a!speed
  • More audio system cleanup
  • Due to technical issues (mainly that Discord do not document any of it, and keep introducing breaking changes), audio recording features will not be in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with a!stop not working sometimes when disconnected by Discord
  • Fixed an issue with threads hanging, causing Asphalt to queue up commands (aka not respond)
  • Fixed asphalt logo URL on some embeds being incorrect
  • Fixed an issue causing a!pay to throw an exception if an invalid amount of arguments were specified
  • Fixed an issue allowing blank feedback to be submit
  • Fixed an issue causing some support requests to be stuck open

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