v3.3 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a new AFK system. To use this, simply type a!afk reason. When you send a message, your AFK status will be removed. Also, when someone mentions you in a message, a message will be sent telling the user that you are AFK
  • Completely rewrote the playlist system to be better, for the new playlist related features in this update. See the bottom of this post for more information
  • Added a!createplaylist, which creates a new blank playlist for you to add your songs to
  • Added a!addsong playlist-id url/term to add a song to any existing playlist
  • Added a!removesong playlist-id track-id to remove a song from any existing playlist


  • Exceptions are now better reported, including some context about what lead to the error, meaning that we can more accurately re-produce errors and fix them quicker.
  • a!playlistinfo and a!saveplaylist now use the new playlist system

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of RAM in use would be displayed on a!stats (~20MB)
  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the message that you receive when you are support blocked ("suypport")

New Playlist System
Previously, the a!saveplaylist command would save a JSON file to our system and then a!loadplaylist would then read the JSON file, this was not adequate for the features that we had planned. So we have migrated to our database, which means that you can easily edit your playlists. Note: Asphalt's first boot in this new update may take a while as it migrates all of the old playlist files to the database, during which time Asphalt may become unresponsive.

If you attempt to edit your playlist and it says that you do not have permission, please contact support with the playlist ID and we will change the owner ID for you (for users who we cannot find, it defaults to Asphalt's ID to prevent null entries in the database)

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