v3.2.2 Changelog

New Features

  • You can now attach and receive images directly through discord when using the support system (previously you would have had to use an image URL)
  • Added a!enable persistence, more information below.
  • Added a new update announcement system in our support discord here


  • Updated dependencies
  • Temporarily disabled the ability to disable custom commands (using a!disablecommand )

Bug Fixes
There were no found bugs to be fixed in this release.

Role Persistence
Role Persistence is a new feature in Asphalt, which stores a list of role IDs and the user ID of the person who they were assigned to. Then, if a member leaves and re-joins your server, it will automatically reassign the roles back to them (useful if you have a "Muted" role and do not want people to be able to bypass it).

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