v5.8 Changelog

New Features

  • We have re-implemented the ability to disable/enable individual modules in your server by running /module disable/enable
  • We have updated the process to request/purge your data
  • Added /wouldyourather
  • You can now customise the message that Asphalt sends when a streamer goes live by using /serversettings twitchnotificationmessage
  • You can now start a gambling session to keep track of how much you have lost/won overall by using /gambling-session start/stop


  • We have overhauled our entire block system - global blocks will no longer be used, and instead you will be individually blocked from a module if necessary.
  • If you are blocked from the Bank module, you will no longer be eligible to receive crate drops.
  • We have updated our appeals website to reflect the above change
  • We have removed the "Close Request" button when DMing Asphalt for support due to it being misused
  • Removed /wheeloffortune due to lack of use to make way for other commands
  • Tweaked our internal command flagging system to use the new module blocks
  • Removed /profilepicture from the Steam module due to lack of use
  • Moved reminder related commands into their own group, e.g. /reminder view
  • Updated dependencies
  • Hopefully reduced the memory footprint of Asphalt a little

Bug Fixes
There were no bug fixes in this update.

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