v5.7 Changelog

New Features

  • Asphalt Support can now start a support request with you
  • Added a few support-only commands


  • Rewrote our entire webhook dispatcher system in Rust (from C#), which now runs 2x faster.
  • Fully removed our file-based logging system in favour of Graylog
  • Various support team changes to make managing Asphalt easier
  • /remind's wording has changed to make things clearer
  • Tweaked the way Asphalt retrieves leaderboards on /leaderboard
  • Updated dependencies
  • As instructed by Discord, we removed discriminators everywhere in the bot (Connorwrightkappa#1337 will now display as Connorwrightkappa)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the hit and stand buttons on /blackjack to not work
  • Fixed an issue where an edited message would be logged when using /message-logging, even if it hadn't changed
  • Fixed a major crash if invalid JSON was sent to our websocket servers
  • Fixed a couple of bugs relating to our command flagging system
  • Fixed an issue causing buttons on /setup to not work
  • Fixed an error on /notifications remove on a Twitch account

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