v2.5 Changelog

v2.5 has been deployed, which brings the following things:

New Features

  • Added a!wikipedia, which allows you to search a word/term on Wikipedia
  • Added viewcases as an alias of a!listcases
  • a!listcases now shows moderation action taken against a user on a closed case

Bug Fixes

  • If an error occurred when banning someone, the error would contain "kick" information
  • If someone who was not the song requester and attempted to enable shuffle, it would display an error message about force skipping songs
  • Fix permissions on commands


  • a!serverinfo will now display your guild's ID
  • a!twitchstats has been reworked to be faster and look better

    • There is now a status indicator next to the streamer's name
    • For partnered streamers: there will be an icon next to their name to indicate that
    • A twitch stream's uptime will now be displayed in the footer
  • a!urban has been moved to the NSFW command category

  • All donor-only errors now have a link to vote for free donator

  • a!viewtier will now display your perk expiry date and time if you are a donator

  • When you visit the command page, Asphalt will now no longer send developer commands in the response

  • Huge refactor of database code

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