v2.4 Changelog

v2.4 has just been deployed, with which brings the following features:

New Features

  • When you vote for Asphalt, using a!vote, you will be rewarded with 12 free hours of donator perks on weekdays and 1 free day of donator perks on weekends!
  • a!currencyconvert has been added, which allows you to convert any amount from one currency to another, for example: a!currencyconvert 40 GBP USD
  • You can now snipe deleted messages by using a!snipe, note that this feature is experimental and has been tested to the best of our ability


  • a!urban can now only be used in NSFW channels
  • When everyone leaves a voice channel in which Asphalt is playing music, the music will be stopped

Bug Fixes

  • a!bankadmin will now no longer error when you specify an invalid amount

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