v4.1.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a!rlstats to view Rocket League ranked statistics for a user
  • Added the ability to load albums from Spotify
  • Added the ability to toggle the now playing message by using a!nowplayingmessage enable/disable
  • Re-added the ability to screenshot websites by using a!screenshot


  • a!seek is no longer limited to 5 minutes
  • Numerous performance improvements within Asphalt and its microservices
  • Re-worked the webhook dispatcher system (you will no longer lose vote notifications if the webhook dispatcher is offline)
  • deepfry, dank and dab now take image URLs as opposed to a user

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where bass boost (a!bassboost) would stay stuck on when trying to turn it off
  • Fixed a permissions check bug on a!addnotification
  • Fixed a bug where using a!avatar on a user with a default profile picture would not display anything

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