v4.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Added the a!bankadmin command again
  • Asphalt will now display its prefix when mentioned
  • Added a!donator
  • a!help will now display the command's cooldown
  • When an update is scheduled, Asphalt will now save your current songs, along with current position and resume them once it has booted back up
  • Added a!invitedeletionmsg to customise the message that Asphalt sends when an invite has been deleted
  • Added a maximum allowed value to each item (which determines how many of that item you can have in a guild)


  • a!beg now has a cooldown of 2 hours, down from 12
  • a!bulkbuy now has a 5 minute cooldown
  • Changed heartbeat latency to websocket latency on a!ping
  • Various performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when using a!dice 1, causing it to return all 0s
  • Fixed a bug where the colour on a!ping would not sometimes not be set when over a threshold
  • Fixed a bug with our storage service internally
  • Fixed a!stats showing incorrect memory usage
  • Fixed a display issue on the moderation-related embeds

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