v3.8 Changelog

New Features

  • We are now on a brand new server, which should have much more consistent latency (around 20-28ms), be faster and have a much faster communication speed between Asphalt and our webhook (<1ms)
  • Introducing Asphalt Canary! More information below this post
  • If invite deletion is enabled, Asphalt will detect when a message has been edited to an invite link
  • inrole can now take a role ID as a parameter
  • Added a!work to our economy commands - we will be gradually adding more outcomes in the future (if you have any ideas, please let us know!)
  • Added a!linkcanary and a!unlinkcanary


  • invitedeletion, invitewhitelist and modlog have been moved to the "Moderation" category
  • Huge code cleanup
  • Updated dependencies
  • Asphalt now leaves after 10 seconds of being alone in a voice channel, instead of instantly.
  • Translations: both the speed and accuracy of translations has been greatly improved
  • We've given a!stats a slight make-over, let us know what you think!
  • Improved grammar on invite whitelist removal/addition
  • General optimisations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which Asphalt would delete messages that are not invites if invite deletion is enabled
  • Fixed an issue in which leaderboards would show an incorrect value
  • Fixed an issue which would rarely occur when fetching twitter feeds
  • Fixed an issue where Asphalt would throw an exception if it did not have permission to send a message on server join
  • Fixed an issue in which invite deleted embeds would sometimes show the incorrect user

Asphalt Canary
We have introduced a new bot called Asphalt Canary! It is for donators only and it allows you to test new Asphalt features before they are released to the general public, submit feedback about new features before they released to everyone to help shape the way Asphalt is made, 16-20ms latency and more!

If you would like to use Asphalt Canary and are a donator, type a!linkcanary and you will be able to use the commands within Asphalt Canary. Note: the default prefix for Asphalt Canary is a-

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