v3.6 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a!twitterfeed [enable/disable] [twitter username] to allow you to be notified of when a user posts a tweet
    • Donators get twitter feeds checked every 2 minutes whilst non-donators get their feeds checked every 10 minutes
  • Added a!wikihow which gets a random WikiHow article
  • Added a!randomnsfw which gets a random NSFW image from Reddit
  • Added a!marketplace which gets a list of buyable/sellable items and their prices
  • Added a!restart, which allows you to restart a song from the beginning


  • a!meme has been moved to a!randommeme
  • a!meme now gets a random meme from Reddit
  • Increased the selling price of items from 50% of the buying price to 75%
  • On a!daily, donators now get P$40 and a Rare Crate
  • On a!beg, donators now get P$20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when displaying queue times on queues longer than 24 hours (see here)
  • Fixed an intermittent bug that would occur when playing audio

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