v3.5 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a!steal, which allows you to attempt to steal a percentage (5% to 50%) from a user. If you get caught, you will have to pay them a percentage
  • Added a!heist, which allows you to attempt a bank heist. More information at the bottom of this post
  • Added a!buy so you can buy items (useful for the heist system) (see here)


  • Item prices have been modified to be fairer based on the crate that they have come from
  • On commands which rely on a user as a parameter, you are now able to use their username, ID or mention them
  • Bots now have their own donator tier (doesn't give the impression that bots can be donators)
  • Usernames on a!discrims are now alphabetised

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a!gif

With this update, a brand-new heists system is introduced along with a couple of new items which are required for your heist to be executed smoothly.

The following bank locations are currently available:

  • Local
  • City

Each bank has its own "security detail", the higher the security detail; the less chance you have of successfully pulling it off, but the higher the amount received if you do.

If you get caught during a heist, your funds will be reset to 0.00

You can use the a!heist command with either "local" or "city" parameters. If you do not have the required items, you will receive a prompt stating the items that you need.

All heists have a cooldown, which vary from the difficulty/security detail.

This system is new, so if you experience any bugs/issues, please message Asphalt so we can document them and fix them.

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