v3.4.2 Changelog

New Features
No new features were added in this version


  • Items in a!inv are now sorted by ID
  • a!urban now gets the highest rated definition
  • Removed virus scanning
  • Updated kotlin to the latest version

Bug Fixes

  • a!wolframalpha now works properly
  • a!twitchstats now works properly
  • Fixed an issue on a!discrims where an error would occur if no one could be found with a specified discriminator
  • Fixed an issue on a!urban where an error would occur if the definition length was longer than 1024 characters
  • Fixed an intermittent error with our task scheduler that would cause reminders, donator expirations, tasks etc to not run properly
  • Fixed an issue where years would not be displayed on a!viewtier
  • Fixed an issue where Asphalt would attempt to PM a bot on a!opencase (this is not possible)
  • Fixed an issue on a!viewcommands when a server has no custom commands
  • Fixed scheduler conflicts (when you attempt to block someone twice, it will now unschedule the job and reschedule it at the desired time)

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