v5.14 Changelog

New Features

  • Added /status to allow you to view the real-time status of Asphalt from our status page
  • Asphalt now supports subscriptions within Discord!
  • We have reintroduced the /bankadmin commands!
  • We have reintroduced custom commands!
  • Added /announce to send messages to your server as plain text or an embed


  • Some internal code cleanup
  • Removed /playfile as it wasn't being used
  • Asphalt will always allow /module enable/disable to be used when the Server module is disabled
  • /botstaff will now output an embed
  • Audio effects are now a donator-only command, due to resource constraints on our audio nodes
  • Bank balances will no longer be shown for bots when using /userinfo
  • /gambling-session commands have now been removed
  • Upgraded the code base to .NET 8

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when enabling /serversettings autorole without specifying a role
  • Fixed a bug where /spotify would show a negative number if a playlist contained podcasts
  • Fixed an exploit on /remind allowing @everyone to be sent via the bot
  • Fixed an exception when a track couldn't be found on /play

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