v3.4 Changelog

New Features

  • We now have a crates system! More information explained at the bottom of this post
  • We now have a new inventory system! More information explained at the bottom of this post


  • Bumped the connection pool to up 100 connections

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could not bet all money (which would leave 0.00)

Crates System
We have a new crates system, which has been provided as a way for you to earn money and points (for a new system which we are in the process of implementing).

The commands for this system are as follows:

  • This will show the items that you have in your inventory a!redeem
  • The redeem command now doubles up as the command that you can use to redeem your items, crates, multipliers etc. Note: you can still redeem donator codes using this command, it will just use a different system to the inventory one.

Crates will be dropped at random times when you use commands within Asphalt. The drop rates are as follows:

Common Crate: 7.5%
Rare Crate: 2.5%
Legendary Crate: 1.75%
Mythical Crate: 0.10%

The items that you can get in each crate are as follows:

  • Common:
    1.5x Bet Multiplier
    2x Bet Multiplier
    5x Bet Multiplier

    5 Points
    10 Points
    25 Points

    6 Hour Donator
    12 Hour Donator
    One Day Donator

  • Rare:
    10x Bet Multiplier
    15x Bet Multiplier

    35 Points
    50 Points
    200 Points

    Two Day Donator
    3 1/2 Day Donator
    One Week Donator

  • Legendary
    20x Bet Multiplier
    25x Bet Multiplier

    250 Points
    500 Points
    750 Points

    Two Week Donator
    One Month Donator
    Three Month Donator

  • Mythical
    50x Bet Multiplier
    100x Bet Multiplier

    2000 Points
    3500 Points
    5000 Points

    6 Month Donator
    2 Year Donator
    Permanent Donator

Note: All multipliers, regardless of crate type, can be stacked and are not permanent.

Inventory System
With this crate system, we had to implement an inventory system, which provides a place for all of your unused items, crates and multipliers to be kept.

Nothing can be taken out of your inventory, you keep what you open.

Trading is currently a work in progress, this is being released since people have been asking for it for a while and there has been no update for a while.

As always, if you need any help; please feel free to message Asphalt to open up a ticket for one of our support team.

You'll only receive email when they publish something new.

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