v5.12 Changelog

New Features

  • We have added a new poll user mail type, meaning that instead of hosting polls only in our support server, we can host global ones using the User Mail system within Asphalt
  • We are still working on a couple of major things in the background, which are unfortunately not yet ready to be released.


  • Custom playlist codes are now limited to 32characters.
  • The meme API has now been fixed, and was released as part of a hotfix earlier this month.
  • Included gambling sessions and viewed user mail tables to /purgedata and /requestdata
  • We have moved from Random to SecureRandom for gambling-related commands
  • Upgraded from .NET 6 to .NET 7
  • Code cleanup
  • We have moved some internal timers to use cron jobs as part of our code clean up

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug relating to the warp command within the Meme category
  • Fixed a display issues after Asphalt restarts with songs for your server saved
  • Fixed a couple of internal support command related bugs
  • Fixed a bug where pinning a message in a DM with Asphalt would open a support request
  • All playlist commands should now be working again

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