v2.7 Changelog

New Features

  • a!twitchstats now displays a staff badge alongside any partner badges for Twitch staff
  • Major API rewrite in Go, the API should now be faster than before
  • Heavily improved our screenshotting system for a!screenshot

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where on a!viewtier if you were checking someone else's perks, it would say "Your"
  • Rewrote the donor expiration system so that perks are issued with the correct amount of time
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong format timestamp would be inserted into the database when donor perks have been granted
  • Fix a bug where if there was 1 vote to skip needed, it would say "1 votes needed"
  • Fix a bug where a!daily and a!beg would not display the time remaining
  • Fix a!help


  • a!serverinfo no longer displays commas and full stops separating emotes
  • Rewrote a couple of core Asphalt systems

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