v2.6 Changelog

v2.6 has just been deployed, which brings the following features/changes:

New Features

  • Added a!playlistinfo which allows you to view information about a saved playlist
  • a!ping's colour will now reflect the ping ( < 100 will be green, < 300 will be yellow, 1000+ will be red)
  • The parse time on a!ping is now more accurate and can display values smaller than 1ms
  • Added a music recommendation system, more information at the bottom of this post
  • Added a music favouriting system which, when a song that you like is playing, you can do a!favourites add and it will add that song to your global favourites list, to remove a favourite song, you need to first use a!favourites list to view your favourites and then use a!favourites remove id where id is the number from the list corresponding to the track. Note: favorites is also an alias

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect parameters were showing on a!currencyconvert's help entry


  • When you have >= 20 years of donator, "permanent" will no longer be in bold and be unreadable
  • Refactor and major optimisations

About the music recommendation system
If you are playing a game or are running out of songs to play, Asphalt will automatically recommend 20 songs at a time. Skipped songs will not be used for recommendations. Instead, only songs that have been fully played will be used.

Music recommendations can be enabled/disabled by using both a!enable recommendations and a!disable recommendations

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