v4.4 Changelog

New Features

  • On commands such as a!inv, you can now jump to a page number rather than spam clicking the "next" button
  • Added a!setup that will allow you to configure the most common settings of Asphalt
  • Added a!botstaff to be able to view the Asphalt Team
  • Added a!hack
  • Added a!deposit and a!withdraw
  • Changed the economy system to use "Bank" and "Cash" balances, including a system to automatically give interest every day
  • Added a!clearwarnings to clear a user's warning
  • Added a!russianroulette
  • Added a!setdjrole, which lets that person use permission locked commands, such as a!forceskip
  • Added Twitch Notifications!, these can be set up by using a!addnotification with a Twitch URL


  • Code cleanups for donator tiers
  • Select menu related code clean up
  • a!bj cleanup

Bug Fixes

  • a!help messages can now only be interacted with by the person who ran the command
  • Fixed capitalisation issue on a!fnstats
  • Fixed quite a large bug with a!volume, which would let you set the volume to 65535
  • Fixed the "brick" calculation on a!volume

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