v4.0.1 Changelog

New Features

  • a!kick, a!tempban and a!ban now include the person who performed the action (in audit logs and guild message - not to the user via DM)
  • Added a!purgedata, which removes all user-related data on Asphalt (minus blocks)
  • Added a!defaultvolume, which lets you set the volume will play music on by default


  • Removed all code relating to the re-launch celebration
  • Cooldowns will now store the next usable date instead of calculating it
  • Updated dependencies
  • Cleanup of some stats-related things
  • a!requestdata now sends you the file directly instead of a link to download it
  • Fixed grammatical mistake on the description for a!trash
  • JSON files on a!requestdata are now actually readable (formatting)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues relating to a!claim all
  • Fixed a!requestdata links not working (see changes)
  • a!requestdata is now using a global cooldown - rather than a per guild one
  • Fixed a bug relating to the support side of our help system
  • The YouTube notification system now pings @everyone, rather than ateveryone
  • Fixed an issue relating to audio errors randomly occurring
  • Fixed a critical issue that would sometimes cause Asphalt to crash and be offline
  • Fixed an issue causing a!twitchstats to not work

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