v3.9.5 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a!httpcat to view cat pictures based on http status codes
  • Similar to the economy commands, you can now use a user's name, ID or mention to block them when using a!serverblock
  • Included the calls per second to the database in a!stats


  • Changed the redemption cooldown for a!daily from 23.9999999... hours to 24
  • a!whosplaying is no longer case sensitive
  • Rewrote our entire websocket backend to be faster and use less threads (helped to fix the issues with Asphalt randomly going offline)
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Asphalt should no longer randomly go offline and stop responding to commands
  • When your donator expires, you are no longer stuck in "limbo", with no expiration date showing despite still saying you are donator
  • Fixed an issue that would happen on mass-redemption of items
  • Fixed an issue where points would give you the buying price of the item instead of the actual stated value

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