v3.1 Changelog

New Features

  • Added a!redeem (code) to redeem donator codes


  • Donor system rewrite (see below)
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with some commands not displaying on the help menu
  • Fixed an issue with the version number displaying leading "0"s in the bot's status

About the donor system rewrite
We recently ran a poll asking which system you think would be better for donator perks, and the a "serial key" like system was chosen. Asphalt will now generate a code for you to redeem (using a!redeem) when you donate and vote. Useful for giveaways and to "save up" your donator perks.

Note: You can redeem one code after another and Asphalt will extend your donator perks by the time of each code

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